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NEW UPDATE -- 16/11/01

Yes, I'm using the ultimate evil to make this page but FrontPage has the graphic capability that I don't. So :P.

Ok so we've got LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of updates on this one. I've gone and changed the look...DUH! Updated all the superstars (that I can tell needed updating). I've also updated the title history, and let me tell you that was NOT fun! BTW if anyone has some very artistic ability making up some belts would be just sweet ass!

I will be archiving the PPV's (since landing on our own board) including the PPV's recap's. I also have a link the JayGo's archive of our old stuff from CRZ's baord and will be working on integrating all of that into this style.

Up next will be the daunting task of archiving all the War, Extremes, and SmarkDown's on the SWF Board. Hopefully by the end of the month most of that will be updated.